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Mould Removal – Let us help you become and stay MOULD FREE!

Having mould in your home or workplace can lead to serious health issues down the road. We offer a variety of services that will get your home back to the way it should be; mould free. It’s important to contact the professionals when it comes to mould removal. We’ll make sure the job gets done right the first time and we’ll find the root cause of your mould problem. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones or employees are safe and that your property’s value won’t be compromised. Mould is dangerous if left untreated. It can cause serious respiratory ailments such as asthma and allergies.

We kill mould through a combination of cleaning and sanitization. When we’re done the job there will be no more mould and it won’t come back. We also take care to ensure that any mould related odours are removed. Our processes are proven and our staff have seen it all and we’re experts at bringing your live back to normal.

One of the reasons why mould is such an issue is due to the fact that it can be found anywhere. It doesn’t matter if the building is old or new, residential or commercial, mould can develop in any environment where moisture is present. Mould spreads quickly through an environment by offsetting dangerous spores into the air, unfortunately these spores can cause major health issues

Many people attempt to remove mould by themselves, a common solution is using bleach. The results of removing mould without the aid of professionals can have a range of outcomes. Many times the mould is not completely removed and quickly spreads again. Our process not only eliminates all evidence of mould, it also ensures that mould does not resurface.

We want to help you reclaim your home or office place. Contact us today to book a mould removal consultation at or (905) 940-2600.

Find out how Alliance Environmental can help you with mould problems.

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Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous Waste

At Alliance Environmental we take great pride in the environment and we’ve developed hazardous waste removal solutions that remove the environmental liability from our clients. We offer Hazardous Waste Removal services to businesses in Markham, Hamilton, Peterborough and throughout the  Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

All of our Hazardous Waste Management services are environmentally sound and cost effective. Our process begins by developing a removal plan with your team. We develop a hazardous waste removal plan that works with your company’s goals and budget. Our staff has years of experience and excellent hazardous waste know-how. We are also experts on all levels of waste removal regulations. We are leaders in the field of hazardous waste removal, transportation and disposal. Our job is always done rapidly, efficiently and safely.

Asbestos Abatement Services

Alliance Environmental is a leader in Hamilton, Markham, Peterborough and throughout the GTA area for Asbestos Removal. Our asbestos abatement team has vast knowledge of regulations from all
government levels ensuring that we will get the job done right the first time.

We now know that all types of asbestos are known to cause serious health issues. Daily exposure to Asbestos can increase one’s risk of disease dramatically.

Asbestos Abatement projects are planned with each client and their staff to accommodate the requirements of the project with the availability of the facility. We have worked on a wide range of
buildings throughout the Toronto region. All Asbestos Abatement jobs are always done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Mould Remediation

Our Mould Remediation processes are state-of-the-art and work for clients of any size. We pride ourselves on our ability to safely and effectively perform mould remediation and air quality restoration
in your home or business. We use the latest cleanup equipment to help you remove all forms of mould. All Mould Remediation jobs are always done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Alliance Environmental is the leading provider of Mould Remediation in Markham, Hamilton, Peterborough, throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. The scary thing is that mould
spores can grow anywhere they find suitable levels of food, moisture and heat. Mould can cause alarming health issues such as asthma and allergies.

Hazardous Waste Removal Services

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