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Industrial Plant Cleanups

Alliance Environmental is an industry leader in cleanups of industrial and manufacturing plants, remediation of heavy metals/designated substances and contaminated residual dust, including Mercury Vapour and Spills, Lead Paint and Dust, Cadmium and Arsenic clean ups, Silica Dust, and Acids.

Alliance Environmental has designed and supervised Lead and Heavy Metal cleanups in Industrial Plants over his 30 years of environmental contracting. The majority of these projects were overseen by prominent environmental consulting firms, and were completed on schedule and on budget. Several of these projects were valued over $1 million.

Methamphetamine Restoration

Alliance Environmental has developed and implemented a plan in order to cleanup Canada’s largest Methamphetamine lab production to date. Alliance Environmental with other governing bodies engineered a plan and health and safety principles in order to clean up the labs. The cleanup was done in accordance with Colorado State and USA Methamphetamine regulations which are currently one of the most stringent regulations.

Bird/Bat/Raccoon Feces Solutions

Alliance Environmental has extensive experience in cleanups of bird, bat, and raccoon droppings in various buildings across Canada. Feces and associated fungal growth is known to be a leading cause of Histoplasmosis Disease. Cleanups often require residual treatment of affected surfaces with biocide/fungicide solutions in order to address the immediate problem. Long term solutions have been problematic for the environmental industry in general. Alliance Environmental uses a product that repels birds and raccoons from continuing such behaviour for a period of time.

Perchloric Hood Cleaning

Alliance Environmental management has specific experience in cleaning of perchloric acid crystals from fume extraction hoods in manufacturing facilities. We have supervised cleanup projects that have been completed for a wide variety of facilities. The methodology designed for these projects was challenging in several respects, including protection of building occupant health and safety, protection of sensitive equipment, and testing procedures. Alliance Environmental is one of the very few environmental contractors in Canada with this specialized expertise and experience.

Pharmaceutical Industry cleanups

Alliance Environmental has developed a particular specialty in dust cleanups of Bag Houses throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry, including steroids, lactose and other residue. Our experience in this field and understanding of unique processes performed in these facilities has enabled our management to design and perform specialized cleanup projects, using innovative techniques to control cost and protect occupant health and safety in complicated areas.

CO2 “Dry Ice Blasting”

Alliance Environmental has completed many mould abatement projects using the CO2 blasting methods. CO2 blasting method allows us to remove mould from contaminated building materials while reducing the amount of labour hours and waste generated from normal abatement projects. These procedures save money for our clients, reduce the amount of time needed for the project and has less of an impact on the environment.

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