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Asbestos Abatement

Nov 23, 2012, Brampton

Lynsey was my first contact. She was professional and prompt in returning my emails and calls. The service was excellent! They squeezed in an appointment just before the long weekend to determine the extent of the work required. Sure enough the house contained asbestos wrapped boots – some has started to flake. I decided not to take the chance of installing hardwood flooring over the 9X9 tiles currently in the house, even though the previous owner installed carpet over the tiles. I wasn’t sureā€¦ read more how much the tiles had degraded due to the carpet cleaning solution used the years before. As it turns out the boot wrap removal required a Type 2 process with tenting, the floor tiles were removed by hand to prevent crumbling and possible airborne particles. In the end, I would certainly recommend anyone purchasing a home to ensure the tiles in the home are not asbestos laden. In the same breath, it would be great for homeowners selling their homes to ensure they’re not offloading a house with asbestos to the next person. The crew at Alliance were absolutely great. I would recommend them to anyone requiring asbestos removal services

Nov 29, 2011, Oshawa

This company I found on mike Holmes, he recommended them, they are always on tv and are very professional, they did some removal of asbestos for me and did a very good job, I suggest if you have a serious abatement you need that you call this company

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